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Has the Village of Fairview at the heart, surrounded by rural properties. It has the Peace River on its Southern border, and holds the the crossing of the Dunvegan Bridge to the North side of the Peace River!

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Real Estate Statistics
Total Listings 2,288
Average Price $463,545
Highest Price $18,800,000
Lowest Price $1

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Browse MD Of Fairview Real Estate Listings

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 The Butter Chicken Co. of Fairview; besides having great Indian Food, they also have a great selection of other items like, Hamburgers! (They have another location in Fort Saint John too!) 

 Rose & Thistle Pub (at the Dunvegan Inn and Suites) is a good way to cool down! Great draft beer selection!

Wishlow Farms for great 100% Organic Whole Wheat Flour (I make all my bread with it, including pizza dough!). They are out of Highland Park, MD of Fairview.  

Attend a roping event at the equine arena, Hawker Pavillion, now privately operated by Swartzy Performance Horses, every Wednesday or Saturday evening. Contact them to find out more! However, there are events there every night.

Or how about Pratt's Landing? About 4 hours PADDLING upstream from the Dunvegan Bridge. 

Fairview Ski Hill for awesome skiing and boarding and no line ups!