Buyer Service Pledge

I, Leah Millar of the Landrace Team, am dedicated to providing you with service that is professional, courteous and responsive in helping you find a property. To fulfill this commitment, I agree to provide you with the following services:

1. Dedicate myself to making the process of buying your next home as easy and as successful as possible. 

2. Consult with you to determine your particular real estate wants and needs.

3. Maintain your confidentiality and hold your best interests in the highest regard through out the process. 

4. Respect you, your needs, be honest, forthright and respond quickly. 

5. Value and respect your time, being as efficient and effective as possible. 

6. Use my base of experience, knowledge, tools and the most up-to-date training to best serve you. This includes information on market value, and in-depth information on neighborhoods and communities. 

7. Explain each step of the process including local real estate procedures, typical closing costs, purchase agreements and act as a guide to help you make the most informed decisions. 

8. Disclose material facts known about the property and respond to questions concerning the property. 

9. Offer to provide you with information regarding other professionals that may assist you before, during and after you move (attorneys, accountants, inspectors, contractors, mortgage and or financing). 

10. Advise and assist you in preparing and completing an offer to purchase agreement, and promptly present your offer to the vendor or their designated representative with integrity in a light most favorable to your needs as prescribed by law or local practice.